Visual Artist and Instructor​


I was born in Florida and raised in the Wiregrass region of southern Alabama. I attended UAB for Psychology and have worked in substance abuse prevention, engraving and design, as well as retail. Painting has been a family hobby throughout my life and in 2015 I began it seriously as a career choice. I have had the opportunity to teach art lessons to students of all ages, which has been motivating as an artist to create new work for student use and to teach myself new mediums and techniques. I mainly use watercolor and acrylic paint in my work.


I want my work to express a sense of calm and peace. After having children I created a soothing environment in our home to counteract the chaos of two young boys. The art on my walls needed to relax the eyes and mind. This caused a shift in my work from high contrast and colorful to more muted and monochromatic. I imagine my recent artwork to be a gentle breath, a moment of tranquility in the home.


I am inspired by the mood of seasons and sunlight shifting, vintage photographs, tropical climates, and our relationship with nature.